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Extensions Browser useful

Some useful extensions for everyday:

  • Bitwarden - Free Password Manage - Link

    Bitwarden is a free and secure password manager for all your devices.
    Bitwarden is the easiest and most secure way to save all your usernames and passwords, keeping them synchronized between all your devices.

  • | The homepage developers deserve - Link

    Get one personalized feed for all the knowledge you need as a developer and tech world.

  • Notifier for Gmail - Link

    Notifier for multiple Google Mail (Gmail) accounts and labels.
    Gmail™ Notifier is an open-source project that notifies you about incoming emails from all your Google Mail accounts and labels.

  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials - Link

    Simple, seamless privacy protection for your browser.

  • Notion Web Clipper - Link

    Web Clipper to save any website into Notion.
    Notion is your all-in-one workspace, where you can write, plan, collaborate and get organized. Take notes, keep databases, build a wiki, project manage your team — all with one tool.

  • Session Buddy - Link

    Session Buddy is a tab manager.Save open tabs as collections that can be easily restored later.

  • Tab Suspender - Link

    Automatically suspend, park, hibernate inactive tabs and save up to 80% of memory, reduce load on your device, battery and heat.
    If you like to use many open Tabs at once - this extension will help you and automatically accelerate your browser and purge the memory.

  • Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely - FireShot - Link

    Capture web page images, edit and save in PDF/JPEG/GIF/PNG/BMP. Upload, print, send to clipboard or email.

  • Video Speed Controller - Link

    Speed up, slow down, advance and rewind HTML5 audio/video with shortcuts. you can customize keyboard shortcuts and super usefull for Youtube.

📝You can add others that you consider in the comments.

Thanks for read!

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