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Message to those in the United States: Please go vote!

Public Service Announcement

I really don't want to get bogged down in a political thread here. But I do want to simply urge US citizens who are eligible to vote, to make sure you're registered and please go vote in the November 8 midterm election.

There are so many messages floating around and the political ads are enough to emotionally and mentally beat you up pretty good. But to my fellow citizens, I say: "The United States is still a representative democracy as of this post. Please exercise your civic duty and vote!"

Try have at least a basic understanding of issues that matter to you. Please do, at least, a cursory look into voting histories of your candidates to see if their actions match their rhetoric.

You may not think your vote matters, but it does.

Plea to Moderators

I hope I have not offended anyone on this site. But this is important. I will understand the removal of this post if it violates site guidelines.

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