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Snapper or Budget Snap?

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Small software project using Google Forms and Google Sheets. I call it Snapper for now, but I used to call it Budget Snap. Not sure which way, but since only I use it.... I've used it for a couple years now. Figured it would go good here.

Since I have to collect receipts for tax purposes (rental expenses, reno, etc.) and we all know how much fun that is, especially when we "accidently" allow those receipts to build up (for a year!) Then you have to organize, enter data one way or the other, tabulate, and of course produce a report.

For a long time I dithered, trying in a few different languages and frameworks to get something simpler and easier. I wanted something cloud accessible, on the phone, but not relying on a 3rd party. I'm not comfy with having that data on someone else's server. Aside from Google. As I said before, I use the Google-verse daily, for a lot.

So since I know I always over-complicate things at the start and (usually!) wind it down for a final, much simpler way, I finally decided to use the tools at hand. Duh.

So I made up a Google Sheet spreadsheet with the appropriate item headers for deductions categories. I also had some cells do a constant auto-update so my report for my accountant is auto-magically generated, and visible to me at all times. Note: when I was looking up info on cell formulas (those memories were archived ages ago!) a lot of what I found when I explicitly looked for "google sheets how tos" didn't work. But when on a lark I put it exactly like an Excel spreadsheet, they worked flawless. Rabbit holes!

Then I went to Tools -> Create a Form. This produced a form that I can share, or access on my phone. I have Chrome put a shortcut on my phone to jump right to the form.

Now, when I'm out and about, usually in the car right after I buy something I need to keep the receipt for, I pull up the form, and as you can see from the pic, I take a picture of the receipt as well (by camera, upload, pdf). This goes to my google drive account auto-magically too, and is linked to the spreadsheet.

I use the date/time-stamp that is automatically added to the spreadsheet as a key whenever I want to do something (even externally later).

Then at the end of the year, I copy and rename it to the appropriate fiscal year (and print of course plus backups) and delete all the entries of the original spreadsheet and start the new year.

Eventually I want to be able to print the spreadsheet as a big report with the pictures, not just the filenames printed as well. I just haven't had the time to do anything with that part yet. Back burner.

Simple, but works great for me!


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Kelvin Thompson Author

How weird, I included two pictures, twice, and none of them appeared! So I had to just put the one as the title picture. ??