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Discussion on: What is your preferred Tech Stack?

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Gilberto Diaz • Edited

I have been working with interpreted languages. Did Python for a year doing Data Science and building ML models. I have been using JS for over a year now doing UI with Nuxt. Now I'm using JS for a very nitch use case in the health industry doing ETL work. With this type of work, I'm also using Java and looking the way to move to Kotlin. To echo what Vince is saying, if you stay building CRUD apps, the default is a front end framework (Vue, React, Angular, Svelte), a backend framework (Django, Flask, RoR, Spring), and a database (relational or document), other than that there is not much to it.

When you start writing code for different kinds of problems outside Web/CRUD, there is no stack. It is the right tool for the job.

For CRUD, any of the frameworks mentioned above will serve you well. All of them are good tools with good docs.