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Simplest way to Automatic test your React Native app with Appium

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You must hear about automation test . The instruction you found with google do not statisfy you . Ok . Here is the shortest one to help you test with the Appium for React Native . Pls notice , this tutorial is for the short test and fastest ways to test , not provide fully document about all kind of test aspect .

Ok lets go .

First . Download Appium

Come here and get yoursefl a desktop version of Appium .

Then . Open it ( Appium )

Open the appium app , run the server. Note the port , here is 4723
Press Start Server.

Write the code .

You will need webdriverio,jest and jasmine install

yarn add -D webdriverio jest jasmine
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put this in appium/TestAppium.test.js ( or any directory if you know Jest )

import { remote } from "webdriverio";

// eslint-disable-next-line no-undef
let driver;

beforeAll(async () => {
  driver = await remote({
    path: "/wd/hub",
    host: "localhost",
    port: 4723,
    capabilities: {
      platformName: "iOS",
      platformVersion: "14.5", // must correct the stimuator
      deviceName: "iPhone 12 Pro Max", // must correct the stimuator
      appium: { connectHardwareKeyboard: true }
      // automationName: "XCUITest",
      // app: "org.reactjs.native.example.LearnRnE2eTest", // this is for open specify app
      // udid: process.env.IOS_DEVICE_UUID,
      // xcodeOrgId: "xxx",
      // xcodeSigningId: "Apple Development"
    // logLevel: "silent"

afterAll(async () => {
  if (driver) {
    await driver.deleteSession();
test("Login test", async () => {
  await driver.pause(2000);

  const loginUsernameInput = await driver.$("~LoginInput");
  await loginUsernameInput.clearValue();
  await loginUsernameInput.setValue("");
  await driver.hideKeyboard("pressKey", "next");

  const loginNextButton = await driver.$("~LoginNextButton");
  await loginNextButton.waitForExist();;
  await driver.pause(3000);

  const loginPasswordInput = await driver.$("~LoginPasswordInput");
  await loginPasswordInput.setValue("Test1234");
  const loginButton = await driver.$("~LoginButton");
  await driver.pause(3000);
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Input device setting must correct the emulator

To access the id like LoginButton , you must set it up in React Native

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testID with work on iOS

Run code with Jest

Ok . In conclusion , you will need those things to run

  1. Appium started
  2. Your app run on emulator ( through expo , react native metro (dev mode ) , stimulator app run on , ipa install on emulator ... any kind , just run the app , doesn't matter .. )
  3. Jest ready

Then run the test with jest

jest appium
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You can run jest only ( without appium , I put appium here beacause I put my test file in appium folder ).

And that is all . If you need more instructions , pls comment below so I can answer or make another tutorial for this .

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