Still a begginer in Javascript

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Hello, first let me say thanks for having me here. I graduated from a bootcsmp last June. Here it is a year later and I'm still a begginer. Coding in gaps hasn't helped at all. Between, being a family man, working a job with OT here and there. Those things have gotten in way of my daily grind. Starting over how many times trying to get the fundamentals of JS down, I've lost count. Like today I planned on coding after getting off work. I get home and
the realize I need to make a grocery run so I don't spend money at work this week. It seems there's always something. How do I get over these obstacles and code daily without feeling like I'm shaking my wife and son and the world 🌍

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Intentionally schedule and plan your study and coding time. This will help you stay consistent and keep the new knowledge fresh on the brain. Plan as far ahead as you can. And working on a project (even a small to-do list cliche) will help you stretch your muscles in JS and put the new concepts into your long term memory.


Thanks brother. Will definitely start trying build projects 👨🏾‍💻

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