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Youtube Resume Review #2: Value-Based Experience

Last week I published my first ever Youtube Video where I review developer's resumes and provide feedback. Thanks again for the members who got the ball rolling.

Here's the second in the series (With more queued up!).

This resume has fantastic content, and in particular, I want to point out the experience section. The stuff they have there is going to get interviews. Many of the bullet items listed are talking about the results they had.

Results get interviews!

Think about it this way, you're a developer applying for a developer job. How interesting is it to list things like you wrote code, designed software, etc? Those are the activities every developer does. So, you need to talk about something else. How did you lead to some new results, grow the business, improve the team?

This resume has it in spades. Unfortunately, the formatting is dense and a little bit of a turn-off, but hey that's an easy fix!

If you want me to review your resume, reach out to me (Email is in my profile).

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