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Sneak a Peek into Seasoned Software Development

Ever wonder how other people work? How pairing or TDD looks? Wanted to be able to throw questions at people who have been at this for years? Wanted to see veterans struggle through the work?

Every so often my friend @schmonz and I get together and pair-program on something.

We thought we'd open up the doors to us working together by streaming it on Twitch.

Tell us if you're interested and what you'd like to see. Tell us what you'd hope to get from our streaming session. We're going to have fun doing it, and we'd like to make it fun for you all too!

About me: I've been writing software and coaching teams for a decade. My mission is to help create teams that change the world. I've mentored people in their careers in software development. People say my I have a unique talent for solving the problems that scare others away.

About schmonz: He didn't give me anything so I'll tell you what I think. First and foremost he is one of the most insightful and wise software developers I've met. He works thoughtfully and skillfully through problems, and when I look back at what he has produced it is unquestionably better than he found it. People all over the world have given praise about how much they've learned from him. I look forward to every time we talk and get to work together.

Anyway, let us know what you think!

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Aizaz Khaja

I hope it's not too late for input on this, but I'd love to check a stream like this. Just insights into how and why the decisions you make, will be a great experience to learn from. So much on architecture choices will also become accessible and something to learn from.

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Ryan Latta Author

It's not too late at all!

We're figuring out timings and we'll post again with the time and everything. Hope you'll be able to join!