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Reconmap release notes (0.9.0)

Santiago L
Entrepreneur and Engineering Leader.
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Hi everyone! It is my pleasure to share the greatest and latest from Reconmap, the open source and SaaS pentest automation and reporting platform, in its version 0.9.0 (maturity version is around the corner!).

Before diving into the details I am going to start thanking our early adopters for the magnificent feedback shared. Their input is helping us shape our roadmap and validate our ideas. ♥

New features

New vulnerability statuses

Up until now vulnerabilities had two possible statuses: Open and closed. That was modest to say the least. Since version 0.9.0 the possible options are now many more:

  • Open (reported, unresolved)
  • Confirmed (unexploited, exploited)
  • Resolved (remediated, mitigated)
  • Closed (remediated, mitigated, rejected)

alt text

Special kudos to GlitchWitch for her suggestion on new statuses.

Command line improvements

The Reconmap CLI (rmap) is a key part of our solution. This release added many things to the REST API to support our command line command. One such feature is the command search shown in the example:

alt text

Document library

Part of many security projects require sharing documents internally and with colleagues but there wasn't a clear place in Reconmap to store those. This version introduces a simple library where to share documents such as NDA (Non-disclosure agreements) and security questionnaires.

alt text

Other new features

Apart from these features we added the following:

  • Archive option for projects
  • Bulk transition and deletion of tasks
  • New task due date (with reminders)
  • New client role
  • Automatic password generation for new users


As usual, there were a number of bug fixes pushed to different parts of the system, and the test coverage has seen an increase for the REST API code.

Next release

If you liked 0.9.0 stay tuned for the next version, stay safe!

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