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What is this? Can I just name it <Josephine />?

Naming (in programming) is a topic that fascinates me. It is so simple and yet sometimes so difficult.

I already wrote to small articles about this topic: How would you name this and Prefixing variables with is.

You know that situation when you're in flow and suddenly you get stuck because you just can't decide how to name something?

This just happened to me while creating a page with an element I wanted to extract as a new React component.

A component I have to name

I mean what the f*** is this 🤯? Looks like a typical <MiniWideScreenLogoWithBackgroundAndLinkBelow /> right? Or is it just a <LogoLink />? Nah I already have that one (and but to be honest I don't even know what it looks like without looking it up).

Maybe a <ProtoypeCard />? Too specific.

What about <LogoCardLink />?

I have a strong feeling that I already spend way too much time on naming this.

🧘 I will just name it <Josephine /> and see what happens.

And the next component—if I don't find a good name within a minute—will get a real name, too 😛. Or it will be a <SquareRotatingJosephine /> who knows…

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