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Andreas Riedmüller
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Concat Class Names

When I began to work with React I used to install and import classnames in any project. But I found that a smaller and simple helper function is sufficient for all of my projects:

export function concatClassNames(...args) {
  return args.filter(item => !!item).join(' ');
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Usage is a little different than classnames though. What I like is that it looks similar to conditionally including components in React.

import { concatClassNames as cn } from 'helpers';
import { important, myClass } from './styles.module.css';

export function SomeComponent({ className, isImportant }) {
  return <div
    className={cn(className, myClass, isImportant && important)}
    Hello World{isImportant && ' !!!'}
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Feel free to use it in you projects and let me know what you think!

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