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Productivity tools to make remote work better

rebecca profile image Rebecca Ferrao Updated on ・3 min read

One fundamental reason why people opt for remote work is increased productivity. Having no commute, no distractions and thus being able to focus better only on the work to be done goes a long way in this. You would always want to get the most with whatever you put in and in the least time.

Remote work and its perks are already an enabler for increased productivity. But why not take it even higher? If you get help with something, you would take it, right? Similarly, if you are given tools to increase your productivity, you would use them. And there are loads of tools to help you with just that!

Productivity tools

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As a remote worker, you would always want to be at the top of your game. Check out FocusMe to help you deal with distractions. It is also going to take a while to get used to the remote working lifestyle. Habitual helps you with making it a regular part of your routine. For sorting tabs out so that you focus only on what's important, check out a tool like Sortify.

Collaboration among employees and over communication is very important while working remotely. A tool like Dropbox Paper can help you keep things sorted. Tools like Metro Retro can make team collaboration really fun. But long Slack chats and Zoom meetings can also set you off quite a bit on your work schedule. To increase efficiency of communication and decrease wasted time while retaining the collaborative spirit, consider an app like Timy or Zoomies. Another tool for keeping a tab on the time you spend is TopTracker, which is a completely free and reliable solution to keep you on track. For easy forms and PDFs, check out a tool like SmartPDF which lets you convert one to the other easily.

Similarly, say when you want to hire a new employee but don’t want to spend time on the hiring process, you can go for a tool like Dynamite Jobs or Flexiple which do the job — and an amazing one, too — for you.

Now after a super productive day, you don’t want to wake up the next morning and realize that all your files are lost just because you forgot to back them up. Elephant Drive, with it’s amazing pricing plans, can be your savior in this case.

Also, after being so productive, you deserve a breather. Give yourself a reward for all the work you’ve put in. And hey, there’s tools to make that easier, too. Like Nomad List, it gives details of places which you can go to, experiences you can try out and a community you can hang out with so you can save time on the planning! For artistic breaks, check out a tool like Design Cuts.

That’s about it for now. Do check out these tools, too, on your path to a more productive workday :)

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