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I tried almost every online whiteboard and here’s my take on it

rebecca profile image Rebecca Ferrao Updated on ・3 min read

Last time I’d written about why I don’t prefer virtual whiteboards. Since then, my curiosity for these has piqued quite a bit and I have been checking out a few whiteboard tools. At least those that have free versions, that is. I guess there’s still time to come to one that I will stick with.

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Here is what my experiences have been like so far:

RealtimeBoard: I guess this will be better for someone who has a bigger team, seems to be a bit costly for a small company or a startup.

Explain Everything: I actually checked this one out just because of the name, then realised that it’s named that way as it’s primarily designed for teachers. It is good for presentations.

AWW App: Another app with a cute name, I found it a bit slow initially, but it seemed to do the job well.

GroupMap: One thing I thought of as soon as I started using this is ‘templates.’ With over 60 pre-designed templates, it makes the work pretty simple.

SketchBoard: I am impressed by the integration with Slack that this app has, but also found that the interface isn’t very great.

Groupboard: Comparatively, I think this one seems like a good fit for really small companies, if they are okay with compromising with the UI to an extent.

Ziteboard: I didn’t find anything particularly enticing or disappointing about this app. It is simple and easy with not many qualms.

Limnu: This, similar to Explain Everything is designed for teaching purposes. But the presentations were a little smoother on the other one.

Stormboard: The paid plans on this one are a bit displeasing, but I guess if you want an ideal experience, it’s worth shelling out the few extra bucks.

LiveBoard: I tried this on my phone and found it really smooth and easy to use. One interesting thing is that they started out with a considerable discount amidst the pandemic.

Invision Freehand: Invision is known for being remote working experts and their whiteboard tool definitely does not disappoint, except for some lags which we can hope they fix soon.

Milanote: This one’s probably the best known one from the list, and rightly so. Other than the fact that it lacks some important third party app integrations, Milanote is a true pleasure to use.

WebBoard: A super fun and interactive whiteboard that you can just start off with without any hassle.

So I am not going to tell you which one is the best or the worst among these. I think depending on your need, it would differ. Do check out the ones above and leave a comment on how your experience with these was. Some other tools you can check out are also here. Happy whiteboarding :)


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