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Software Dev Weekly Update #9: Back to code

Computer Code

It's hard to believe how quickly the weeks and months flew by. Life can take sudden turns you aren't expecting and I needed to set aside coding for a time to focus on family. But things have settled down and I'm ready to continue the journey!

This past week I stepped back into the world of code and decided to start by refreshing my JavaScript skills. The topics I studied included:

If you are a fellow JavaScript beginner then I recommend checking out the MDN's JavaScript basics guide for a guided learning experience. Their documentation is VERY helpful and I reference it often.

Week In Review

Though these past few months were a step back in my coding journey, perseverance remains to be the key to accomplishing my goal and I am looking forward to reviewing concepts I've learned so as to get a deeper understanding and come out a stronger developer on the other end.

I couldn't be more excited. Here we go!

Boat Sailing

I hope you enjoyed the read!

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