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The importance of the right partnerships

Recently, my company was chosen by CloudBees to be a part of their new Technical Alliance Partner program. Unlike other partnerships that often do not have significant criteria or a well-defined purpose, this partnership was formed among only 27 companies to create new revenue and growth opportunities in the DevOps marketplace.

As a small dev team (~5 people), it is critical we expend energy on the right things, including partnerships. We typically only create partnerships with the largest technology companies that have a certification process. This allows us to demonstrate value to their business, sales and technical teams firsthand. This is one of the best ways to gain traction within the partner organization and open up opportunities to collaborate with the them and others in their partner ecosystem. Ultimately, it can lead to significant business and relationships we would struggle to create due to our size.

Most do not want to go it alone, nor do they have to. Finding the right strategic partnerships can expand and grow your company in ways it might not be able to otherwise.

I'd be interested to hear how others leverage partnerships, even personal ones for career advancement.

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