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I use Vercel a lot for personal projects, at work I use Heroku because we use a lot of Rails and it’s way easier to deploy it there.


Yeah, Heroku is pretty compatible with Rails


Ahh! GCP is powerful. Why exactly you prefer it over AWS ?


They are both good, but GCP is usually cheaper


I use Netlify to host my personal site and it is absolutely fantastic. So easy to use, would highly recommend

I also use Firebase to host some web apps.

In the past I have used some "traditional" hosting companies and rented a VPS (Virtual Private Server).


digital ocean is the best if you want good performance. if you are experienced dev need to swith from shared hosting to cloud


I have Ramnode VPS to run some simple sites, but tbh I don't have much stuff that the outside world can see.


Vercel, Heroku, Vultr for VPS


Google Cloud Run (with Docker) for most.

Firebase for Auth and Storage.

MongoDB for database.

Digital Ocean seems to be useful for stateful containers and objects.


My two websites are on both on netlify (built with Gatsby). At work we use AWS


AWS EC2 servers and Lightsail servers.


Yeah. It is most preferred one.