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Nobody told the astronauts, right?


Simple: Why not? They're both mature and extremely versatile technologies.


It is not about JavaScript maturity; it is about design choice. Garbage Collectors based languages are not used in mission-critical tasks because they may turn non-deterministic. It is not with C and C++ because, as a programmer, you control all the aspects.


I agree with what you say. Though it was my understanding that JS and Chromium were only used for UI purposes. And for those these two technologies are mature enough to do the work.

I don't think SpaceX would use JS and Chromium for mission-critical parts. I also assume that there are overrides in place in case the touch screens or their UI stop working.

Yes, equivalent hardware overrides are in place.


Research a bit the origins of Erlang. This is a garbage collected real-time capable language and runtime environment used in mission critical systems like telephone switches, that handle millions of connections. So, you argument is not fully true. It boils down to, that they use a realtime capable languages for mission critical systems. And that was a very good design choice!

Yes true, it is all about stronger determinism guarantees.

Also, I agree in case of garbage collected (GC) Functional Programming languages, GC can offer stronger determinism due to immutability imposed by these languages which make them realtime capable. Even in case of Java, there are some GC algorithms can offer determinism guarantees.

So in the end, any language runtime, if it can provide stronger determinism guarantees can be used for mission critical systems.


Yeah Exactly they are mature now!


I presume it was not the programming language's fault that those Boeing planes crashed tragically last year. So it won't be JavaScript's fault if things go wrong here. It's just one choice in a set of many tools to get the job done. Hopefully all necessary precautions were made and it was not used to do the things the language might be terrible at.

I suppose so. Human error aside, those folks at SpaceX look like they really know what they are doing. 🤪


Using any language or runtime is acceptable as long as they handle the risks properly.


I wonder if they added an F5 button? Just in case...


Haha, I bet they have Ctrl+R too!


Brendan must be so proud his passion project broke through the stratosphere, (even if only for a UI). 🌟

I wonder why CommonLISP (or any robust LISPy code system) isn't used more ubiquitously for highly-dependable systems.

Don't know a whole ton about C or C++, just know LISP can address all their concerns plus virtually everything else in Computer Science (being based of Church's λ-Calculus) with an AST comparably faster, safer, and superiorly abstracted than C.

Am I tripping?


I do not think that the people of spacex are improvised if they chose this technology for something it should be and achieved a level of maturity much higher than most think. I think this opens new doors for js and the power he is coming to have.


This sheds a very ugly light on SpaceX and their commitment to quality. I mean, managing something as risky and complex as a rocket with a web browser and a language as frail as Javascript? A language that converts everything in everything else, making equality not transitive? A language that allows this
destroyallsoftware.com/talks/wat ?

No, definitively it is not acceptable, even if it controls just some minor stuff. A bug there could trigger a cascade.


Yet they managed to dock into the ISS successfully. Is that unacceptable to you too? You would've coded the ui with assembler I assume.

People trash languages just for trashing them. It literally doesn't matter if you get to space with that, you won't be taken seriously. I don't find the logic in that argument.


Bugs speak more to the developer than the language. People bash JavaScript because they jump in without understanding it.


Typescript? I hope?


Javascript a strong Script


They might be used tensorflow js


No. They are using Javacript for UI Interface


Oh god, don't tell me it was electron.


Hahahha. Yeah really Electron is too heavy.! In this case, I would prefer PyQt


Try this out first


Interface as in UI.


Make sense 😂


Oops you're going to hit a nerve in die-hard fundamentalists who code just about anything in Assembler or byte code.


Btw. Image attached in the tweet is a prototype years ago.


Okay well I didnt know about that


Me too. Saw it in the comments

Ahh. Cool