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πŸ“ˆ Scaling your Startup to 10M+ Users πŸš€

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πŸ“ˆ Scaling your Startup to 10M+ Users πŸš€

For Startups, Resources are quite limited and they strive for it and try to get the work done in the most efficient and economical way.

When Startups gain some traction and have regular users, Scaling the core technology becomes an essential part.

Recently, I was working with a startup where I scaled it using AWS EC2 Load Balancers, Auto Scaling, Sharding, Clustering, and some other good techniques.⚑

During the process, I collected some of the good resources available on the internet regarding the scaling of startup gradually from 10K to 10 Million+ UsersπŸš€

I created an Open Source Repository on Github where the whole concept of scaling with pros and cons is available.

The repository is just not limited to Nodejs but it mainly explains the overall measures, benchmarks, and ways to scale in X, Y, and Z-axis using Nodejs Native Modules, PM2, AWS, Load Balancers, AutoScaling, Nginx, Cloudfront.

For Early Stage Startups (Developers), it would be very beneficial to learn to scale. If you're in contact with any startup, do tag them so that they can benefit from this.

Github Repository Link

LinkedIn Post

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PM2 makes clustering job simpler. What's your thoughts?


If your node application doesn't involve much configuration and is somewhat stateless, then PM2 will work fine, but if you need more configuration, and other local activities like session, cookies etc then Native Clustering should be preferred.