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JavascriptšŸ”„ and EverythingšŸ”„

realabbas profile image Ali Abbas Updated on 惻1 min read

Javascript was developed in 10 days, in 1995. It wasn't the same like it is today, it has undergone drastic and revolutionary changes made to put Javascript in a position where it is sufficient in powering most of the web, mobile and even the desktop applications.

From just a language to making interactive pages, it has evolved to a whole new lev where servers are built using Javascript. In other words Javascript is everywhere. There are many developers and engineers involved in this entire long process of development, one of them is offcourse Ryan Dahl.

I came across this tweet from the creator of Javascript, where he is discussing about the design issues regarding the development of the language


What do you think about this tweet? šŸ¤”


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