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The function selects the input["input-image"] and directly uploads it to the Imgur server and in response returns a URL.


{data: {…}, success: true, status: 200}
id: "BhbW61q"
title: null
description: null
datetime: 1579679274
type: "image/jpeg"
animated: false
width: 581
height: 1032
size: 29937
views: 0
bandwidth: 0
vote: null
favorite: false
nsfw: null
section: null
account_url: null
account_id: 0
is_ad: false
in_most_viral: false
has_sound: false
tags: []
ad_type: 0
ad_url: ""
edited: "0"
in_gallery: false
deletehash: "FQbXad5wfv1kGh3"
name: ""
__proto__: Object
success: true
status: 200
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