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This is the best, here in Brasil.


You can check here: pt.org.br/


SΓ³ acredito pq vi kkk


Hauahsuahsuahs nΓ£o acredito.


MANO, MUITO BOM hahahahahahah


Hahahaha this is funny πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£


I say it's not the best if you're on that development team πŸ˜‚




I love that Amazon uses pics of its employee's dogs on their 404 pages. It makes me happy πŸ™‚



Kinda related, here's more internet dogs that makes me happy:



Great list of status 😁


Also, what happens when you pick someone to fire? πŸ˜€


Something like this:
Martin you are fired!
Luke you are fired!




I love stranger things, I'm making a website about it and I want to use this design as my 404 page, if there are any copyrights please let me know whi should I talk to.
And what I'd this website or who made it


Actually the website belonged to EmailCenter Company and now it has been acquired by xtreme push So they have removed this 404 Page and have replaced it with a normal not found page.


I'm quite fond of the one I put on moopet.net


πŸ˜‚Only losers type the wrong address


I don't know about the Best ever, but it's a good one.
My personal favorite is this one:


Not as good as some of the ones posted here, but here is ours inspired by the U2 song 😊

404 page


I love dev.to 404 page.


Whats the link for this?


I dearly want to see this for myself. Is there a link?


Haha this is great! Really put a smile on my face this morning. Now, who can I find around the office to show this to...


Great! Happy to post something that made someone happy! ❀❀❀