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Account Kit By Facebook 👍

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Account Kit by Facebook
During the development of the mobile and web application, I was in search of authentication service which could incur zero charges and has unlimited OTP's generated.

I tried Auth0, Firebase but they were not so much promising. Then, later on, I came across Facebook's Account Kit which is absolutely free for

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web Clients

Account Kit by Facebook is a hassle-free Passwordless Authentication System

Account Kit by Facebook


  • Facebook Developer Account
  • Account Kit Client Token
  • Account Kit App Secret

After setting up the developer account, you need to deploy the server code and integrate the SDK into your app or website. Facebook, this year has also introduced Whatsapp verification which is easier than mobile verification.

Several BIG Companies that have integrated Facebook's Account Kit in their core technology are 🏆

  • Tinder
  • Saavan Music
  • Fynd

Useful Resources ⚡️

Github Repo 🚀

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Well, since it's Facebook, how about privacy?Do you know anything about that regarding Facebook's account kit?


Since account kit is offered by Facebook for free, I believe the data is always at stake. Maybe, they are providing the service in return for our data. 🖖👍😐 irrespective of the fact whatever they mention in their privacy and terms / conditions


Yeah. I probably won't want to use it for that exact reason :(


Your vocabulary is very impressive, and greatly appreciated 😊👍