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Discussion on: Start using Brave Today!

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Rijin Reji Thomas

What about the Ram consumption?

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Gudi Varaprasad Author • Edited on

If you care about a difference of small MB of RAM, then you must have very little RAM in total (at most 4GB). If you had more, you wouldn’t care for such a small difference. And Brave probably trades time efficiency with space efficiency in some of their web renderer or JS engine algorithms, which allows it to be faster if you do have enough RAM.

It would make sense since Brave has it’s own security and ad-block measures unlike chrome/edge/opera/firefox, so it’s expected for it to use more RAM than chrome. Also keep in mind that the Rewarding system of the Brave browser is considered an extension so it takes some ram too.

P.S: I am big fan of Brave 🙃🙃