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Discussion on: Got rejected from my first interview.

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Rijin Reji Thomas Author

Yeah, I mean that's where I was confused. I thought in interviews they mostly check the logical abilities of the candidate, coz if the candidates logic is clear then programming won't be difficult. Same happened while writing an SQL query, I gave him my idea on how I would approach for the desired result, but he wanted the query and when I checked it on Google after the interview, I was absolutely right. But I learnt a lot too from this interview! Hey btw can I ask for a suggestion? I usually prefer writing a pseudo code before coding as it later becomes easier, but during interviews they don't have much time. So how should I approach?

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Chad Smith

Write out the pseudo code first if that makes you feel comfortable. Write it out using comments. If this is a live coding interview and they are putting you on a strict time limit then in my opinion that is a huge red flag.

In live coding interviews take your time. Don’t feel like they are rushing you. Write out the pseudo code and show how you would solve it then start writing out the code. Also talk everything out outloud with them. As someone who is an interviewer for interns and junior developers, I love it when the person I’m interviewing talk out what they are currently doing out loud with me.