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A chat app inspired by whatsapp

Hi guys, so yet again, I created a chat app, but this time, the app flow was inspired by WhatsApp.

Yea, this is the second chat-app project I've created, the first being a discord-like app. Here is article I wrote about it.

So this app basically let user sign up with just a unique username (no password needed). After signup, all new users are automatically added to the chat welcome channel. This channel is for new user to introduce themselves and interact with existing users.

Also the app has a DM feature, which allows users to chat privately. To initiate the private chat with a user, all you need to do is send them a friend request, as soon as they accept the request, you can start to chat with them.

I really don't want to explain how the whole app works or how to navigate through it. I just want to be sure the app is intuitive enough for user to understand and use.

I will also love to hear your feedbacks and feature suggestions. Thanks

PS: This app was created in less than a day [Vue.js sure makes everything simple].

Also I am really really open to a full time role/gig as a Vue.js dev. You can reach me on my email:

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