Discussion on: What CS concepts should self-taught and bootcamp devs learn?

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This is a hard question to answer without making it clear what area of software development the person is working at. If we are talking that the bootcamp and self-taught person is looking for a position as a web developer or maybe mobile developers, the topics change.

I've used concepts that are seldom used by web developers. For example:

• TCP package format
• Regular Expressions
• Binary Arithmetic
• Grammars, Scanners, Parsers, etc
• Operating Systems, scheduling, memory management

In general for any path I would suggest:

• Algorithms
• Profiling and measuring performance of your code

And not CS concepts but definitely a must for any professional:

• Writing - everything needs good documentation or product description
• How to keep a work journal

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Travis Fantina

What is a work journal?

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The concept is simple, it is just a log/diary, where you keep all your notes. What you worked during that day, the reason behind design decisions, etcetera. The main idea is for you to have something that you can refer back and learn from. If you organise it well you should easily reference back to it and find relevant information about a project.

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Three words: Git commit descriptions