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Rob Seaver (He/him)
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Adopting the Angular Style Guide

I'm working on building some consensus on my team around coding standards. One thing that has sparked a bit of disagreement is coding conventions around Angular. One of our developers is very much in favor of adopting the Angular style guide for all of our Angular code while the other doesn't think it adds very much value. I'm looking for a compromise (mostly because I hate having conflicts).

The developer in favor of adopting the style guide believes that it is an essential part of code quality and that it enhances readability. The other developer cares very much about writing clean code but isn't as concerned about focusing on things such as sorting import statements. Both want to deliver great products and write good code but disagree on this point.

My feeling is that there is a vast array of extensions in the VS Code world (our editor of choice for frontend work) that can help us achieve a happy medium. What are your thoughts on adopting the Angular style guide as a team?

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