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Compile LaTeX With Git For Free!


So I recently started a new job. This job requires that I use LaTeX to write scientific papers. There is a great site called overleaf that has everything setup and ready to go when it comes to writing papers. The problem is that to use it with Git it costs me £159 per year. So I decided I don't want to pay that and found an alternative. It involves VS Code, and Linux. As always.

So here are the steps outlined below. I also include a link to a step by step video using I created.

The Bare Minimum Steps Required
  1. Install VS Code, if you haven't done so already. Install it from the website as this will have the most up to date version:
  2. Install texlive-full. I did this on a debian based distro so for me it was the following command: sudo apt-get install texlive-full this will obviously be different depending on your distro.
  3. Open VS Code and install this extension:

With these 3 steps you should now be able to compile LaTeX papers on your computer and however you decide to manage your projects with Git. To see how to configure VS Code to make editing the LaTeX nicer then checkout my video:


This video is a step by step guide:

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