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Discussion on: Best Automated Testing Tools for 2020

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Klaus Author

Hi Istvan,

Those are some good questions.

Let's take a look at the Documentation.

  1. You asked about iframes and Shadow DOM.
    As you can see in the Finding elements in Web Applications chapter, this tool supports both.
    You just need to use the "Switch to iframe" and the "Switch to Shadow DOM" actions.

  2. You asked about canvas elements.
    As you can see in the Dealing with Canvas Elements chapter, this tool can deal with Canvas elements.

  3. You asked about connecting to a database and performing a SQL query.
    As you can see in the Execute SQL queries chapter, you can easily connect to a database and perform SQL queries.

  4. You asked about testing the styling.
    As you can see from the Assertions for Web Tests chapter, you can add different assertions, including Element Contains CSS Class, Element Contains Attribute, etc.

And to make sure that it looks as expected, you can add Screenshot Comparison steps.

And if you want to verify a long list of elements, you can just add a loop.

You can even add a CSV file and loop through the rows and generate variables from each row and use them in a test.

I never make statements about a library or a tool before reading the Documentation.

You should do the same.