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A Short Comparison for Automated Testing Tools

razgandeanu profile image Klaus Updated on ・1 min read

The open source and zero license cost nature of Selenium is attractive when compared to the license or subscription costs of commercial automation solutions.

But there is more to it than just that when you look at the cost of implementing an automation solution.

Selenium is open source and free, however building and using an automation solution on this ‘free’ software comes with some real costs.

The open source tools/libraries provide a starting point but you still have to write code for test creation, management, execution, handling errors and reporting. Note that this is over and above the test logic that you want to automate.

Also to be considered are the costs of building and managing an infrastructure to run these tests.

endtest testim mabl ghost inspector

Now let's have a look at the costs:

endtest testim mabl ghost inspector

As you can see, Endtest’s pricing plan provides the best value for your money, especially taking into consideration the amount of functionalities provided, mentioned in the comparison above.


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silverhusky profile image

This table is inspiring and helpful when consider cost for implementation of testing solution. Usually I use Selenium, it's more than testing logic, but also the cost of setting and managing an infrastructure to run the automated test scheme. Thanks for providing a bigger picture for a tester to think about what a boss thinks about.

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Raj Subramanian

I agree having a comparison chart like this definitely helps to know the advantages and disadvantages. Also, in case you were curious to know more about Testim, I would highly recommend checking out this blog post which discusses the different aspects of the tool -

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Raj Subramanian

Hi Klaus, first of all, I read some of your comments and threads, you are doing a valuable contribution to the software community. Thanks for that.

Secondly, I just wanted to mention that this is a great post showing the tool comparisons based on different parameters. But one thing to note here is-

  1. Testim does support real browsers on Linux and Windows machines and also Mobile Web and Native app testing on both iOS/Android. In fact, Testim is the only AI testing platform to support mobile native app automation.

  2. Not sure what you meant by "Drive" here, so cannot comment on that.

Keep up the great work.