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Ship error free mobile apps faster πŸ”₯

razer profile image Serge Stupachenko ・2 min read

Let's face it! Finding a root cause of error or bug was never an easy task. Especially when it could be reproduced only in certain conditions on specific devices.

Do you remember how many times did you defer a bug reported by your QA-team or real user because you couldn't reproduce it?

A bitter fact.

According to recent Cambridge University research, the global cost of debugging software errors has risen to $312 billion annually. It makes up half the development time of the average project.

A new way. A better way.

Imagine, you could know what's happening inside your mobile app running on a real device somewhere in another city or even on another continent. Imagine, you could inspect every single user's session step by step. Replay each click, each network request, and each spike in CPU or Memory usage.

And what if you could remotely access a CoreData or SQLite database and run the queries. What if you could do this in real time?

At Techery, we've been running a distributed engineering team for years. And we've been dreaming about the tool that will give us such capabilities.

So we built it! And it's already saved us countless hours that we now can spend in a much better way.

Now we're happy to share it with everyone. We hope you'll love it as much as we do!

Check it out at: https://appspector.com

Getting Started

It's a breeze. Create a free account and install an SDK. That's it. You're ready to go.

You could browse our docs website for detailed AppSpector integration guides.

We're always happy to chat and hear your feedback in Slack

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This does indeed seem very useful, and looks very polished so far, thanks!



We have a huge backlog of new features and improvements. So stay tuned for next updates)

You are always welcome share your suggestions or feature requests in our Slack channel. We're happy to hear any feedback that can help us to improve product.