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Aleksey Razbakov
Aleksey Razbakov

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Let's connect if you love to dance

I love to dance and I love to travel. As a dancer in my city I have lots of groups in Facebook and Whatsapp and there is only spam and thousands of reposts of the same event. As a traveler I don't have any groups and can't find anyone or any events in cities where I travel to.

That's how I got an idea for WeDance. Once I was traveling to Italy, visited lots of cities and couldn't find any salsa party there. So I want to help dancers to find parties no matter if they travel to a new city or just are new to the city.

My goal is to be able to travel around the world and easily find dance events and partners, for this to happen each major city should have at least 1000 dancers.

Let's build open source, non for profit, democratic dance community together 🙂

we-dance/community <- I suppose you already have a github account :)

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