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Introduce Josson & Jossons

Josson & Jossons

  • Josson is a query language for JSON.
  • Jossons is a template engine to generate text output.

Features and Capabilities of Josson

  • Query a JSON dataset.
  • Restructure JSON data.
  • Has many functions to format text output.
  • Has many functions to manipulate date values.
  • Has many functions to work on array node.
  • Can be used as an API parameter to trim down the response JSON result.

Features and Capabilities of Jossons

  • Query data from multiple JSON datasets.
  • Join two JSON datasets to build a new dataset.
  • Resolve template placeholder from external data source on demand.
  • I used Jossons to generate millions of SMS/Email notifications during the first year.
  • I used Jossons to generate reports that retrieve data from MongoDB directly without writing a line of code.

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