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Top 40+ QA Testing Companies in 2024 [Top Ranked QA Companies]

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As businesses increasingly rely on software solutions, the demand for quality assurance (QA) testing companies has surged. Here's a look at the top 40+ QA testing companies in 2024, their services, clients, and where they are headquartered.

Here is the list of top QA testing companies

1. QA Mentor

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QA Mentor stands out for its award-winning testing services and broad global presence. They offer over 30 QA testing services and unique products tailored to specific industry needs.
Services: Test Automation, QA Audit and Process Improvement, Test Plan Development, QA Outsourcing.
Clients: Citibank, HSBC, Sony.
Headquarter Location: New York City, New York, USA.

2. QAlified

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QAlified is a software testing and quality assurance leader, ensuring high-quality software solutions with comprehensive testing services. They focus on minimizing risks and improving software performance.
Services: Functional, Performance, Security, Automation, and Usability Testing.
Headquarter Location: Montevideo, Uruguay.

3. Cigniti Technologies

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Cigniti Technologies is recognized globally for its software testing and quality engineering services. They are dedicated to helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation initiatives through robust QA practices.
Services: Digital Assurance, Quality Engineering, Advisory & Transformation, Next-Gen Testing.
Clients: Southwest Airlines, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Lenovo.
Headquarter Location: Hyderabad, India.

4. Abstracta

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Abstracta is a software testing company with deep expertise in performance and automation testing, helping companies ensure the scalability and reliability of their applications.
Services: Automation Testing, Performance Testing, DevOps Consulting, Accessibility Testing.
Clients: BBVA, Shutterfly, Benefit Cosmetics.
Headquarter Location: San Francisco, California, USA.

5. QASource

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QASource specializes in high-quality QA services, blending the latest testing technologies with expert resources to cater to specific client needs, focusing on reducing time to market and improving software quality.
Services: API Testing, Mobile and Web Application Testing, QA Analysis, Automated Testing.
Clients: Facebook, Oracle, eBay.
Headquarter Location: Pleasanton, California, USA.

6. Applause

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Applause provides a comprehensive suite of testing services, leveraging a global community of expert testers to deliver real-world feedback on digital quality.
Services: Crowdtesting, UX Testing, Functional Testing, Payment Testing.
Clients: Google, Uber, Fox.
Headquarter Location: Framingham, Massachusetts, USA.

7. TestFort

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TestFort is known for its tailored testing solutions and meticulous attention to detail, helping clients achieve reliable and robust software products.
Services: Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Web Application Testing, Mobile App Testing.
Clients: Skype, DHL, HuffPost.
Headquarter Location: Lviv, Ukraine.

8. TestingXperts

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TestingXperts specializes in next-gen continuous testing services that incorporate AI and machine learning to ensure higher efficiency and accuracy.
Services: Continuous Testing, DevOps Testing, AI Testing, Security Testing.
Clients: Aetna, Panera Bread, Gate Gourmet.
Headquarter Location: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

9. Global App Testing

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Focusing on speed and agility, Global App Testing enables companies to deploy their products faster by providing on-demand access to QA professionals worldwide.
Services: Exploratory Testing, Test Case Execution, Regression Testing, Load Testing.
Clients: Facebook, Microsoft, Spotify.
Headquarter Location: London, United Kingdom.

10. LogiGear

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LogiGear provides customized testing solutions that support the development lifecycle, emphasizing modern methodologies like Agile and Test Automation.
Services: Test Automation Solutions, Software Testing, Continuous Testing, API Testing.
Clients: Adobe, Cisco, Samsung.
Headquarter Location: Silicon Valley, California, USA.

11. Testlio

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Testlio merges expert testers with powerful testing software, specializing in mobile and web application testing. Their networked testing model allows them to mobilize and scale their services for client needs quickly.
Services: Mobile Testing, Functional Testing, Usability Testing, Localization Testing.
Clients: Amazon, Microsoft, CBS Interactive.
Headquarter Location: Austin, Texas, USA.

12. ThinkSys

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ThinkSys delivers cost-effective and scalable testing services, leveraging cloud environments and automation to ensure high-quality software deployment.
Services: Performance Testing, Regression Testing, Cloud Testing, Security Testing.
Clients: Oracle, Intel, Prudential.
Headquarter Location: Sunnyvale, California, USA.

13. ImpactQA

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ImpactQA provides holistic QA services, focusing on new-age technologies and solutions to drive digital excellence and software robustness.
Services: IoT Testing, Blockchain Testing, Cybersecurity Testing, Performance Testing.
Clients: Panasonic, Terex, UNICEF.
Headquarter Location: New York City, New York, USA.

14. Codoid

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Codoid stands out for its innovative approach to software testing, delivering exceptional QA and software testing services that ensure product integrity.
Services: ETL Testing, Mobile QA, Game Testing, VR Testing.
Clients: Vodafone, Honeywell, Medlife.
Headquarter Location: Chennai, India.

15. Kualitatem

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Kualitatem is renowned for its impeccable software testing and cybersecurity services, delivering enhanced efficiency and security to client operations.
Services: Information Security, Independent Software Testing, IT Audits, and Quality Assurance.
Headquarter Location: Lahore, Pakistan.

16. Invensis Inc

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Invensis is a global IT-BPO, that delivers innovative and scalable technology solutions to enhance business efficiency and growth.
Services: IT Services, Call Center Services, Data Entry Services, e-Commerce Support, Finance and Accounting.
Headquarter Location: Wilmington, Delaware, USA.

17. QA Wolf

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QA Wolf revolutionizes the testing process by providing a no-setup, fully managed testing service that creates and runs end-to-end tests for web applications.
Services: End-to-End Testing, Continuous Testing, Integration Testing, Bug Tracking.
Clients: Startup tech companies, mid-sized software firms.
Headquarter Location: Seattle, Washington, USA.

18. TestMatick

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TestMatick is known for its client-centric approach and high-quality testing services across web, mobile, and desktop applications.
Services: Quality Assurance Testing, Automated Testing, Mobile App Testing, Security Audits.
Clients: Small to medium-sized enterprises, Health and Education sectors.
Headquarter Location: New York City, New York, USA.

19. A1QA

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A1QA delivers full-cycle testing services focusing on comprehensive solutions for enterprise clients, helping them ensure software reliability and performance.
Services: Full-cycle QA, Software Audit, Test Automation, Performance Testing.
Clients: Adidas, Kaspersky Lab, Telekom Austria Group.
Headquarter Location: Lakewood, Colorado, USA.

20. TestCrew

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TestCrew is a leading testing and quality assurance service provider, specializing in comprehensive solutions that enhance software reliability and user satisfaction.
Services: Functional Testing, Automation Testing, Usability Testing, Performance Testing.
Headquarter Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

22. Aspire Systems

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Aspire Systems has a philosophy of enhancing customer satisfaction through innovative testing methodologies and tools that ensure product quality.
Services: Functional Testing, Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Oracle EBS Testing.
Clients: Retail businesses, Tech startups, Financial institutions.
Headquarter Location: Chennai, India.

23. DeviQA

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DeviQA is recognized for its attention to detail and a strong commitment to delivering flawless software products through rigorous testing protocols.
Services: Automated Testing, Mobile App Testing, Web Testing, Load and Performance Testing.
Clients: Technology firms, Media agencies, and E-commerce platforms.
Headquarter Location: Kyiv, Ukraine.

24. Testrig Technologies

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Testrig Technologies is a prominent QA industry leader known for its innovative solutions and tailored approach to each client’s needs.
Services: Cloud Testing, Security Testing, Usability Testing, Selenium Testing.
Clients: Government agencies, Healthcare providers, IT companies.
Headquarter Location: Pune, India.

25. Oxagile

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Oxagile leverages cutting-edge technologies and seasoned expertise to deliver end-to-end testing services that drive client success in digital landscapes.
Services: Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Custom Testing Solutions, QA Consultation.
Clients: Media conglomerates, Sports networks, Advertising firms.
Headquarter Location: New York City, New York, USA.

26. QualityLogic

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QualityLogic fosters a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in QA testing, delivering services that ensure clients' products meet the highest standards.
Services: API Testing, Functional Testing, Smart Grid Solutions, IoT Testing.
Clients: Energy companies, Tech startups, and Telecommunication firms.
Headquarter Location: Boise, Idaho, USA.

27. OnPath Testing

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OnPath Testing is dedicated to helping clients navigate the complexities of software testing with comprehensive services tailored to specific industry needs.
Services: Automation Testing, Manual Testing, Mobile Testing, ERP Testing.
Clients: Financial services, Healthcare applications, Education platforms.
Headquarter Location: Denver, Colorado, USA.

28. Planit Testing

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Planit Testing integrates modern testing techniques and tools to offer top-notch QA services, ensuring that clients receive both efficient and effective testing outcomes.
Services: Functional Testing, Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Cybersecurity Testing.
Clients: Banking institutions, Retail chains, and Government agencies.
Headquarter Location: Sydney, Australia.

29. HikeQA

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HikeQA stands out in the QA industry for its comprehensive testing services, ensuring superior software quality and performance with a client-centric approach.
Services: Manual Testing, Automation Testing, Mobile App Testing, Web Testing.
Headquarter Location: Noida, India.

30. SkyTesters

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SkyTesters emphasizes user-centric testing services, specializing in mobile and web applications to ensure optimal functionality and user satisfaction.
Services: Mobile Testing, Usability Testing, Security Testing, Performance Testing.
Clients: Mobile app startups, E-commerce platforms, Enterprise software.
Headquarter Location: New Delhi, India.

31. Levi9

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Levi9 is known for its technological prowess and customer-focused approach, delivering QA services that support agile development and digital transformation.
Services: End-to-End Testing, Automation Solutions, DevOps Integration, Cloud Testing.
Clients: Tech startups, Multinational corporations, and Digital service providers.
Headquarter Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

32. TestDevLab

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TestDevLab provides robust software testing and engineering solutions to ensure high-quality products. Their focus is on reliability and innovation.
Services: QA Testing, Network Testing, Voice Quality Testing, Software Development.
Headquarter Location: Riga, Latvia.

33. Testbytes

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Testbytes offers tailored testing solutions crafted to meet each project's unique challenges, ensuring high-quality software products through rigorous QA processes.
Services: Game Testing, Security Auditing, Mobile App Testing, Software Testing Consultancy.
Clients: Gaming studios, Security software firms, Mobile app developers.
Headquarter Location: Pune, India.

34. Codified Security

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Codified Security stands out for its specialized focus on mobile app security testing, protecting clients against potential vulnerabilities and threats.
Services: Mobile Application Security Testing, Code Review, Threat Identification, Compliance Testing.
Clients: Financial institutions, Healthcare providers, Tech startups.
Headquarter Location: London, United Kingdom.

35. Perfecto by Perforce

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Perfecto specializes in cloud-based web, mobile, and IoT testing environments that enable developers and testers to evaluate applications under real-world conditions.
Services: Continuous Testing, Mobile and Web Automation, Performance Testing, Security Testing.
Clients: Banks, Retail companies, Telecom operators.
Headquarter Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

36. ScienceSoft

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ScienceSoft offers extensive IT consulting and software development expertise, delivering tailor-made solutions to optimize business processes and technology strategies.
Services: Custom Software Development, IT Consulting, Cybersecurity, QA, and DevOps.
Headquarter Location: McKinney, Texas, USA.

37. QualityWorks Consulting Group

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QualityWorks Consulting Group is renowned for its comprehensive approach to software testing and quality assurance. With a focus on agile methodologies and continuous integration, they help clients enhance product performance and speed to market.
Services: Automation Testing, Manual Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing.
Clients: Startups, Fortune 500 companies in technology and finance.
Headquarter Location: Los Angeles, California, USA.

38. XBOSoft

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XBOSoft elevates software quality across various platforms through deep expertise in QA and comprehensive testing services.
Services: Software Quality Consulting, Mobile Testing, Agile QA, Healthcare Software Testing.
Clients: Software and tech companies, Healthcare providers, and Financial Services.
Headquarter Location: San Francisco, California, USA.

39. Testhouse Ltd

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Testhouse Ltd focuses on enhancing software applications' reliability, performance, and security through advanced testing methodologies and tools.
Services: DevOps Testing, Managed Testing Services, Digital Assurance, Accessibility Testing.
Clients: Government entities, Educational institutions, Enterprise clients.
Headquarter Location: London, United Kingdom.

40. QAwerk

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QAwerk is dedicated to uncovering bugs and ensuring software reliability through its meticulous and detail-oriented testing processes.
Services: Bug Hunting, Documentation Testing, Usability Testing, Compliance Testing.
Clients: Startups, Media agencies, E-commerce platforms.
Headquarter Location: Kyiv, Ukraine.

41. Checkmarx

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Known for its leadership in software security, Checkmarx offers robust testing solutions that focus on static and dynamic code analysis to prevent security breaches.
Services: Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Software Composition Analysis, Application Security Testing, Interactive Application Security Testing.
Clients: Software developers, IT security agencies, Large corporations.
Headquarter Location: Ramat Gan, Israel.


In conclusion, the QA testing landscape in 2024 is diverse and vibrant, with each company bringing its unique strengths and specialties to the table. From comprehensive service offerings and innovative testing solutions to global outreach and esteemed client lists, these 41 companies represent the pinnacle of quality assurance. Whether you're a startup looking for agile testing solutions or a large enterprise needing rigorous compliance testing, the QA testing companies listed provide the expertise and technology to ensure your software meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, partnering with a top-tier QA testing company is more crucial than ever to maintain a competitive edge and deliver exceptional user experiences.

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