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Introduction to OpenEBS

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OpenEBS builds on Kubernetes to enable Stateful applications to easily access Dynamic Local PVs or Replicated PVs. By using the Container Attached Storage pattern users report lower costs, easier management, and more control for their teams.

OpenEBS is a 100% Open Source CNCF project made with heart by MayaData & the community. Prominent users include Arista, Optoro, Orange, Comcast and the CNCF itself.

🕰 Timeline

00:00 - Holding Screen
02:10 - Introductions
03:35 - Slides - Introduction to OpenEBS
16:15 - What is DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) and SPDK (Storage Performance Development Kit)
22:30 - My summary of what we've covered
31:00 - Why Huge Pages / Enabling Huge Pages on Linux
38:40 - Deploying OpenEBS with Mayastor
44:00 - Fixing my unhealthy cluster
47:30 - Adding the nvme kernel modules
52:30 - Configuring Mayastor
59:30 - Requesting a PersistentVolumeClaim
1:11:30 - Deploying fio to run some benchmarks
1:18:00 - Closing thoughts

🌎 Resources

Kiran Mova - https://twitter.com/kiranmova
Paul Burt - https://twitter.com/idvoretskyi
Jeffry Molanus - https://twitter.com/JeffryMolanus
OpenEBS - https://openebs.io/


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