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First Two Weeks at Google Summer of Code 2019

ravgeetdhillon profile image Ravgeet Dhillon Originally published at on ・2 min read

Two weeks ago, I wasn’t sure about the technology that was to be used in this project. I was completely unfamiliar with some of the tools that were to be used in this project. But I backed myself and was able to pull off the things.

Things have gone pretty good so far. I have learned a couple of new things that are going to form an important part of this project.

  1. Liquid
    • Liquid forms the basis for this website. All the conditionals and other logics are implemented with the mighty help of Liquid.
  2. Pipeplines
    • Because the website needs Continuous Integration and Deployment, Gitlab CI is a perfect tool for the same. Building efficient pipelines is going to be an important task for this website.

The landing page is the centerstage for this website and will provide routes to various other resources. I am working on some new sections and may remove/alter some of the existing ones. I looking for someone to draw some artworks/illustrations that I need on this website. If you can help with this thing, please file an issue and we will have a healthy conversation. A wiki has also been made. All the important information about the project is present here. I have forked the original project for the GTK website into my workspace. The website is deployed using Gitlab CI for now and can be surfed here.

If you have any suggestions or find an issue, please report it here.

Lemme know if you have any doubt, appreciation or anything else that you would like to communicate to me. You can tweet me @ravgeetdhillon. I reply to all the questions as quickly as possible. 😄 And if you liked this post, please share it with your twitter community as well.


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