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Final Report for Google Summer of Code 2019

ravgeetdhillon profile image Ravgeet Dhillon Originally published at on ・2 min read


Rework the GTK Website.


The ultimate goal of my project was to redesign and redevelop the GTK’s official website by providing it a design that follows current trends and content updation that really matters to the users and developers by using modern static site generators. This website uses Gitlab CI for deployment purposes. The project is a major milestone belonging to the release of GTK 4.0.

Project Breakdown

Create a content driven website for developers with their skills ranging from beginner to expert by establishing a Static Site Generator.

Provide the up-to-date data regarding GTK. Focus on elegance and simplicity and at the same time have a great UI/UX.

Make the content updation process so simple that even a novice can point out mistakes and solve them on his/her own by sending the pull requests.

Establish this by using modern Static Site Generator such as Jekyll.

Optimize the website for search engines.

Tasks Completed

Redesigned the website using Bootstrap.

Implemented Jekyll as a Static Site Generator.

Implemented Gitlab APIs and GTK Blog Feed for Community page.

Implemented Gitlab CI for deployment purposes.

Completed the entire documentation for the website.

Tasks Left

Optimize the website for SEO.

Solve all the remaining bugs that may arise in future.

Merge the code to the parent repository.

The website on will be shifted to when the code will be merged and automatically replace the existing one.


Lemme know if you have any doubt, appreciation or anything else that you would like to communicate to me. You can tweet me @ravgeetdhillon. I reply to all the questions as quickly as possible. 😄 And if you liked this post, please share it with your twitter community as well.


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