Python app for pulling DFES information

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URL : https://github.com/RavenTheDev/PullDFES

I would love some feedback on my latest app in Python. After some people in my local area were bad mouthing the local volunteer fire brigade, I had the idea to create the app. It pulls information via RSS from the DFES and Emergency.gov.au websites and displays it nicely.

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Version 1 of my PullDFES application is now completed.

URL : github.com/RavenTheDev/PullDFES
Language : Python
Version : 1.0


  • Automatically pulls Fire Warnings, Weather Warnings, Fire Bans, and Prescribed Burns from the DFES and Emergency.gov.au websites.
  • Incorporated Menu for easier use
  • 5 Second timeout if the page is unavailable
  • Ability for more feeds to be included as required

I would love feedback!

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