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"Attestation check for Topics failed"

You're going to start seeing this error pop up in the console for pretty much most websites.

Chrome at least has implemented this and it's to support the new "Permissions-Policy" header.
No one knows what it is yet, and no one uses it, so of course they're gonna cram it down our necks until we do.

What it does is let you control which features on the web browser should be allowed for your website. Stuff like camera, mic, geolocation etc.
Here's a nice breakdown:

You're supposed to decide which of these your website supports and then add them into this new header. Even Security Headers supports this now and docks you the + from your A+ if you don't have it.

As of this writing it's barely supported by any of the browsers, but will be soon enough and then security folks everywhere will put them on reports that your clients are gonna panic about:

Luckily it's not as bad as CPS and so relatively easy to define.

Here's a neat Stack Overflow article that shows you how to add it in apache/htaccess or node/express


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