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Discussion on: I spent 48 Hours coding in Nova and forgot about VS Code

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Raunchy Butts • Edited

I bought Coda and got stuff done with it, but it suffered from some truly brain-dead defects that Panic never fixed. If I remember correctly, one of them was that it didn't switch to the local working directory when you opened up a project; so you could spend hours looking at baffling bugs you swore you'd fixed, only to find that the local-file browser was pointed at the wrong source tree. Panic was aware of this and blew it off. Not very encouraging.

There was also something incredibly dumb about the editor navigation when you had the editing pane split... it's been so long that I don't remember what the problem was, but it defied sense.

And I also think there was a problem copying projects between computers... again this is half-remembered, but it was as if Panic failed to comprehend the necessity for this; and its iCloud syncing simply did not work.

I think the price is actually fair, but Panic's track record is not excellent and the design gaffes in Coda were off-putting. Then again, there's a free trial of Nova so I guess we can examine it.

As far as it being "Mac-like:" This is such a lame approbation. Using a shitty text file to set preferences isn't "Windows-like" either. VS Code's preferences are an obscure mess, a straight-up lazy abandonment of any design effort.

But you know what IS Mac-like? Misusing the Window menu, stuffing it full of things that belong in the View menu. Another Mac-like UI hallmark is a shitload of floating windows, the clumsiness of which it took DECADES for Mac developers to realize. So yeah, it's time to stop using "Mac-like" as a positive evaluation.

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Steve Belovarich Author

There’s definitely some aspects to Nova that still feel new, but Panic responded to at least one of my feature requests / bug reports and I suppose it has been prioritized, so there’s that. I really like the tight integration with MacOS. Nova keeps getting better and better.

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