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9 changes that made me a proud CTO

A lot of people ask me my mantra of leading teams and how I do what I do so that people love working with me.

Here are some of the things that I did which made huge impact on my business especially when pandemic started in 2020, and that made me a proud CTO.

  1. Treat everyone as linchpins not employees

  2. Understand their personal challenges: Every individual has own share of personal challenges today, your team members are not different. In the age of pandemic where people are losing their loved ones, focusing on projects, handling personal and professional life is challenging. So, try to understand that, give personal space, and help them.

  3. Respect opinions - Everyone has a different opinion on project. Sometimes, one bad project can ruin things and time for you and the team. While taking a project, consultation with your peers won’t hurt. Ask if they like the project, what challenges we might face while working with this project, do they like client or he is going to be terrible to deal with. These kind of 1-1 with team really helped me in the past years.

  4. Help them when they need you the most

  5. Stop micro management

  6. Spend time aside from the daily tasks/projects

  7. Listen more

  8. Encourage personal growth

  9. Embrace mistakes

Let me know what are your thoughts on dealing with team and projects over the comments below. This is my first micro post, I hope you like it :)

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