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Natural cure game with Javascript and HTML5

I've recently published a game called Natural cure. It's a game about viruses, vaccination and shootings. It should be played on a big screen (not on mobile phones), in order to be able to move around. You also need to do a lot of right-cliking. It seems to be working the best in Chrome. It's hosted with Firebase. I made it from scratch, meaning I didn't use any library for building games, just Javascript, HTML and CSS. I did, however, use the crizmas-mvc framework (based on React) for the menus, popups etc. The most challenging part was getting the path finding algorithms right, including the optimizations. I started it a few years ago, took big breaks and it was never clear that I was going to finish it because I've never had an idea of a game story. Given the current COVID-19 situation, I thought of killing my time more efficiently updating the game. The result is quite interesting. Another thing I focused on was code obfuscation. In particular, I focused on mangling the property names of objects so that the code is even more difficult to read than only with minifying the code. Therefore, the intention is not to share the code with you, but, if you'd like a challenge, try to see if you can get an idea of how the code works and what its structure is.

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Sending data via light

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