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HTML tags

HTML tags continue....

HTML < i> TAG:-

< i> tag is used display the text in italic.

< i>This text is in italic < /i>.

HTML iframe element:-

iframe element is used to embed another document into existing HTML document.

< iframe src="" > < /iframe>

HTML < input> TAG:

HTML input tag is used to allow the user to enter the data.
It is usually having attributes like type="", value="",name="" etc.
Here type means which form of text needs to be entered.

For example: type="text" , type="tel" , type="checkbox" , type="radio". These types are used inside the input tag according to their requirement.

< input type="text" value="random text" palceholder="">
< input type="checkbox" value="random text" palceholder="">
< input type="radio" value="random text" palceholder="">
< input type="button" value="random text" palceholder="">
< input type="submit" value="random text" palceholder="">

HTML < ins> TAG:

< ins> tag is used to indicate the inserted text.

Browsers usually underline the inserted text.

< ins>This is the inserted text < /ins>

HTML < del> TAG:

< del> tag is used to delete the any text within it.

Browsers usually strike a line through deleted text.

< del>This is the deleted text< /del>

HTML < kbd> TAG:

< kbd> tag is used to define keyboard input.

< kbd> A < /kbd>
< kbd> B < /kbd>
< kbd> C < /kbd>

HTML < label> TAG:

The < label > element is used to define the label for other tags like < input> < textarea> etc.

It usually gives the control over the text i.e., whenever we click on the text the control goes to the other tags like in this example:

< label>Name:
< input type="text" placeholder="enter name">
< /label>

whenever we click on the 'Name' label, the input field takes control.

HTML < main> TAG:

HTML main tag is used to specify the main content of the document. The content that goes inside the main tag should be unique to the document.
This tag should not be descendant of any other tag.

< main>
    <p> unique text goes heres</p>
< /main>

HTML < meta > TAG:

Meta tag is used to give metadata about the document.This tag is used to describe the page description, keywords, author. This tag is used inside the < head > tag.

< meta name="keywords" content="HTML,CSS,JavaScript">
< meta name="author" content="name of the author">

HTML < nav > TAG:

nav tag is used to define the set of links.
It is usually used for the links to major blocks of the document.

HTML < script> TAG:

script tag is used to define the client-side script(JavaScript).
It may be inpage script or a link to external script.

< script> Inpage script </script>
< script src="external-page-script.js"></script> 

HTML < section> TAG:

section tag is used to define various sections of the document.

HTML < select> TAG:

Select tag is used to create drow-down list.
Inside < select> tag, we use < option> tag for listing options.

< select>
    <option value="option1">option-1</option>
    <option value="option2">option-2</option> 
    <option value="option3">option-3</option>

HTML < span > TAG:

This tag is used for inline-elements in a document.
It doesn`t provide any visible change itself.
Span element can be used either to style the text within it or it can be used in javascript.

    <p> This is the <span> span element</span></p>

HTML < style> TAG:

This tag is used for styling purposes either for inpage styling or external styling.

< style>Inpage style </style>

<style> href="external-page-styling.css"></style>

HTML < form> element:

form element is used to grab the input from the user.

< form>
            //form elements....

Form elements can checkboxes,text-fields,text-area etc.s

<input type="text" value="enter name">
<input type="checkbox">
<input type="submit">

These are the most used elements used in HTML.

Hope you will understand them quite nicely.
In the next post, I will discuss about HTML Attributes

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