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Front End Development-Introduction

Hello!!!! This is an introduction about front end web development.

Front end web development is also known as client-side development.The basic tools required for front end web development are:

HTML(hyper text markup language).
CSS(cascading stylesheets).
Front end development is a practice of creating the structure of the web page using HTML, styling webpage using CSS and introducing interactive environment for good user experience using JavaScript.The tools and techniques used to create front end of the website keep changing so a front end developer need to keep himself updated.

HTML:- HTML stands for hypertext markup language.It is used to create the basic structure of the page.It is used to create links to different webpages and that`s why hypertext. It uses tags and elements which tell the browser how to display the content of the webpage.Browser does not display the tags but use them to render the content of the page. Inside these tags, we can use attributes which contain more information about an element.Some attributes are id,type,class etc.. We will be dealing all of them in future posts.

CSS:- CSS stand for cascading styling sheets.This is used to give styles to the webpage.CSS is used to present the HTML webpage in a good and attractive way.There are many properties in CSS which can be used for styling like margin, padding,color,background-color etc.

JavaScript:- JavaScript is client-side scripting language.The progarms written in JS are called scripts.It is mainly used for interaction purposes in a webpage.It is used for event handling intractions also.In JS there are data types like string,number,date, null,undefined,array,objects and symbols which we can use for various purposes.

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