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Procrastination Station

Wanna know how to get from Procrastination Station to Inspiration Nation with concentration and organization? 🤔

🔆 You must first have the realization. 🔆

Here is the situation:

You have that feature that is due this Friday. It is Tuesday, you made your branch yesterday but let's be honest, you haven't even started.

Whatcha been doing all day? Arguably you have been productive, you cleaned your entire house, you planned dinner for tonight and tomorrow night and what the heck might as well plan Friday night's dinner or you will end up ordering take out again. Then you started some laundry cause that's just gonna pile up if you don't. You sat down, opened your code editor, then remembered you have been meaning to organize your closet.

Now finally at your computer, you realized you have been on Twitter for 45 minutes.

But this is good! You're at that million-dollar moment. 🔥

With the realization that you have been unfocused, whether you feel guilty because you decided you needed to clean out your closet randomly or you just spent 45 minutes on Twitter, the trick is to quickly get over that guilty feeling as soon as you realize you are realizing it.

guy having a realization

You must celebrate this realization before the next step:

Stop it

Either stop scrolling or finish organizing that closet but remember to feel GOOD about that. Because it doesn't matter that you wasted time, what matters is that you realized it, stopped what you are doing, (or if you must, finish what you started first... but then seriously stop) and feel that feeling of winning. That feeling will give you that slight push to move towards your goal.

Inspiration Nation

Now, with this feeling, you are at Inspiration Nation. Use this feeling of inspiration to plan.

Like my favorite artist, Big Sean wrote:

Look, think about it, close your eyes, dream about it
Tell your team about it, go make million-dollar schemes about it

-- One Man Can Change The World

Most likely, if you already felt even a little guilty, you know the thing you have been putting off and what you need to do. In this case, the plan is already there, but if this is not the case, well, figure it out, dude.

Have an Organization Revelation.

Get organized the way you like to. Maybe it's clearing your desk of trash, making a detailed to-do list, or closing all those dang browser tabs. Beware this step doesn't take longer than 5 or 10 minutes. If you hit 15 minutes you are now back where you started: Procrastination Station.

Focused Attention and A Concentration Sensation

Getting yourself organized will allow you to start working. You can focus now. Congrats, your work will be done with a concentration sensation.

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