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"Breaking Ground: First Time at ReInvent 2022 - A Journey into AWS Cloud Computing Learning and Networking in Las Vegas, USA"

In late November 2022, I set off on a profound adventure from my home country, the Philippines, to the bright city of Las Vegas. A chance to attend the AWS Reinvent 2022 Cloud Computing Conference (deferred grant year 2020). Thank you to AWS Builders Grant, specially with Jessica Gulledge and Jason Dunn. It was two nights and two days trip and five days event.

That will be a part one that will take you through my journey as I engaged in technical learning, attended informative workshops and keynotes, and networked with and networked with fellow AWS enthusiasts and experts.

Day 1 - November 29, 2022: Arrival and attend the CSIRT Workshop

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Flight time from Manila to Las Vegas was 18 hours, including a stopover in South Korea and a flight transfer from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. It began with considerable excitement as I touched down in Las Vegas. As I checked into the Treasures Island Hotel, the first workshop in MGM Hotel, which was the epicenter of Reinvent 2022, the city's dynamic energy was palpable. I wasted no time after settling in and went directly to the Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CSIRT) workshop.

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The workshop was eye-opening, delving deep into the AWS ecosystem's world of cybersecurity. It was a fantastic way to begin my Reinvent journey. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were all accompanied by lively discussions with other attendees, and the day ended with a welcome party and a data workshop, kicking off the exciting days ahead.

Day 2 - November 30, 2022: Attending the Cloud Computing Expo

The second day was dedicated to immersing myself in the heart of Cloud computing and data analytics  - the Cloud Computing Expo. The vast expo floor was a sight to behold, featuring the most recent cloud computing breakthroughs and technology. I was especially looking forward to meeting AWS Community Builders and DevOps specialists.

Networking during the exhibition was beneficial, as I swapped ideas and experiences with other experts. The day was both inspiring and taxing, with a plethora of information to digest.

Day 3 - December 1, 2022: Keynotes and Workshops

I attended a Microservice Observability with Amazon Content hub event Workshop. The practical experience with this intense search and analytics engine was priceless. Following the session, I participated in the major event—the keynotes at Reinvent.

The keynotes were a highlight of the conference, with AWS executives revealing new technologies and sharing their vision for cloud computing's future. It was great to be a part of an audience excited to see AWS evolve. The day they were finished with unique data-related announcements that left me in amazement and eagerness.

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Day 4 - 12/2/2022: Bellagio Exploration with Fellow Builders

I took a break from the conference on day four to tour the gorgeous Bellagio resort with fellow AWS Community Builders. A day of relaxation and connection, I have provided a fresh perspective of Las Vegas outside the convention halls.

We talked about how AWS transformed businesses worldwide as we went through Bellagio's renowned gardens and watched the mesmerizing fountain show. It was a day of fellowship and thought.

Day 5 - 12/3/2022: Las Vegas Exploration

My final day in Las Vegas was spent exploring the city's well-known landmarks. I savored the city's distinctive offers, from the sweet delights of Hershey's Chocolate World to the flaming exhilaration of Hell's Kitchen. The beautiful charm of the Bellagio, day and night, was the ideal ending to my Reinvent 2022 adventure.

AWS Reinvent 2022 was more than a conference; it was an exploration, learning, and networking adventure. My week was filled with beautiful events, from technical courses to motivating keynotes to enjoying the marvels of Las Vegas. As I said my goodbyes to the conference and the city, I looked forward to sharing my newfound knowledge and passion with my colleagues back in Asia. I was looking forward to the next Reinvent experience.

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Stay tuned for my next piece, in which I will detail Tips for First-Time Attendees at AWS Reinvent. And how they applied for a grant from AWS Builders Community 2021, which had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, to attend Reinvent 2022 and shape the future of cloud computing in Asia and beyond.

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