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Women in DevOps: Building Leaders in Tech

“DevOps leaders have empathy, diligence, know how to deal with pressures, and utilize their creativity. These are the things that separate the wheat from the chaff.” - Ronit Kerner, DevOps Team Lead at Rapyd.

A Growing Community of Female DevOps Engineers

Rapyd held an event in early February for women in DevOps, where Ronit talked about developer solutions including Terraform Cloud, HashiCorp’s managed service, and how it automates infrastructure provisioning at any scale.

Yael Grossman from Amazon Web Services also spoke and shared about Karpenter and how it simplifies Kubernetes infrastructure with the right nodes at the right time. This ongoing event started a year ago to give confidence to female developers to talk, ask questions, and learn from their peers. In a growing community of women, Ronit wants to see others grow as someone took her under their wing to become a leader.

“My managers believed in me. They gave me the opportunity to grow as a leader. They gave me the skills, imparted the knowledge, and empowered me to be where I am today,” said Ronit.

Women have long been underrepresented in the developer community. Fortunately, developers like Ronit are standing up and speaking out with a voice of experience. More and more women are entering the field and making their mark as developers, product managers, and leaders. “It’s rare to have women in DevOps, but we really had quite a turnout at the event,” Ronit said.

Rapyd’s Mission to Empower the World

Rapyd is on a mission to liberate global commerce with tools for payments, and payouts for business everywhere. Female developers are making an impact from around the world, including Tel Aviv, the United States, Singapore, and Dubai. With a high number of tech female leads, Rapyd is making its mark in empowering women to build and lead a product that powers the global economy.

One of the ways that Rapyd is empowering female developers is by hosting events like the developer meeting with Ronit and Yael. This includes access to digital resources through Facebook and Whatsapp, meetup opportunities, as well as a supportive and inclusive culture. By investing in the growth and development of its female developers, Rapyd is helping to create a more diverse and inclusive tech industry.

In addition to the support Ronit has received at Rapyd, female developers benefit from the growing recognition of the importance of diversity in tech. “This is not a one-woman show. My team is part of the success, we grow together to achieve our goals.” said Ronit. Companies are increasingly recognizing the value of having a diverse team, and this is leading to more opportunities for women around the world.

How to Measure Success in DevOps

Sometimes measuring success as a DevOps team looks different. “Less production
incidents, and maintaining continuous stable environments. Culturally becoming the organizational focal point as you grow to lead stable infrastructure services. Making smart cost effective decisions in the cloud like scaling systems by requests, changing types of instances, monitoring and removing redundant resources. A great way to measure success is also to see how other teams in the organization recognize our work, and if they begin to vocally appreciate us,” explains Ronit.

Ronit shared more thoughts on her experience and how she wants to grow. ”I’ved worked with many tools with CI/CD like Jenkins, ArgoCD, Github Actions, Ansible, Terraform, cloud formation, Docker and Chef.

Each day I learn something new, about myself and about the team. I’m improving my skills and want to have more patience in certain situations.

My favorites are Docker, Python, Kubernetes, AWS EKS, ArgoCD, Github Actions, and TerraformCloud. I’m already working with most of them.”

Overall, it’s clear that female developers are becoming increasingly highlighted as thought leaders and empowered to lead teams, including even DevOps teams. Companies like Rapyd are actively working to support their female developers, and building healthy teams, which naturally diversifies the thought and creative process in the tech industry.

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