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Rapyd's React Summit Success: Engaging Developers in the Fintech Revolution

In early June, Rapyd gathered with the React Summit in Amsterdam, leaving a memorable impression on the vibrant developer community. React Summit is an annual conference that covers anything related to React JS, gathering thousands of Full-stack and Front-end engineers from around the world.

The React Summit drew an impressive crowd of 1600 attendees from across Europe, providing opportunities to engage with some of the finest minds in the industry. Attendees filled the rooms and visited vendors to learn more, and connect over common goals. Rapyd offered attendees exclusive swag such as branded socks and coffee cups in exchange for creating a Client Portal account. Rapyd also offered an opportunity to participate in a coding challenge, which involved creating a checkout page using Rapyd's API. Participants had a chance to win an extraordinary trip to Rapyd's cutting-edge R&D centers in Tel Aviv or Dubai.

The Power of a Lightning Talk: Insights by Tiki

During the event Tiki Lobel, R&D Engineering Team Lead at Rapyd, took the stage for a powerful seven-minute lightning talk, titled "How to Become a Fintech Developer in Seven Minutes." This insightful session captured the attention of the audience, teaching them how to get started with integrating fintech solutions into applications. Tiki shared about the meaning and reach of fintech that is a part of nearly every global service and industry. She showed a couple Rapyd use cases and examples of what it looks like to generate the Hosted Checkout page for a payment with the Rapyd API.

Rapyd Solutions for Money Movement

If you visited the Rapyd exhibit, you’d find how team members were ready to showcase their product with a 10-minute demo, and discuss forward-thinking solutions. Rapyd developers were on standby to coach others through the process of getting started, and taking a stab at the Rapyd challenges. More developers dropped by the exhibit after Tiki's lightning talk further peaked interest from companies within the payments industry. The speed and ease of Rapyd’s integration resonated with developers, with some expressing that our solution surpassed their current experiences with other companies. Many small business owners were captivated by the breadth of Rapyd's product offerings, seeking further information on system stability and pricing.

Conclusions and Feedback: Connecting with the Developer Community

Developers learned from each keynote delivery, and developed meaningful connections with other attendees. Rapyd is always looking to engage in conferences, meetups, and with the largest developer communities around the world. After educating others and gathering feedback received from attendees, Rapyd will continue to provide better experiences for developers.

Rapyd at React Summit Amsterdam

Rapyd at React Summit Amsterdam

Rapyd at React Summit Amsterdam

Rapyd at React Summit Amsterdam

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