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πŸ—ž Rapyd Developer Newsletter: September 2023

Hey Devs! πŸ‘‹

πŸš€ Introducing Rapyd's OpenAPI: Streamline Your API Management
Seamlessly integrate Rapyd's newly released OpenAPI into your platform. Copy and import Rapyd's capabilities into your API management service. Learn how you can leverage this game-changing addition, and explore how it can supercharge your API development.

πŸ“˜ Newly Refreshed Docs: Your Guide to Fintech Innovation
Rapyd is still excited to unveil our newly refreshed documentation, providing you with an even more comprehensive resource to build your fintech platform. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting your journey, our docs are the go-to companion for mastering Rapyd's fintech-as-a-service cloud platform.

πŸ“Ί Watch Developer Session Recaps from WeAreDevs World Congress

Get insight from each developer session at the Rapyd exhibit from WeAreDevs World Congress in Berlin.

White Label Solutions with Tal
Accept payments, send payouts, and issue cards all from your Rapyd Wallet account. Listen along as Tal, a full-stack developer at Rapyd, talks about the benefits of white labeling when it comes to building payment applications.

Checkout with Shiri
Hosted Checkout is a versatile payment solution that simplifies payment integration for websites and applications while supporting various payment methods, currencies, and offers security features.

Collect API with Mark
Mark, a Tech Lead at Rapyd, introduces Rapyd's fintech-as-a-service cloud platform, which offers B2B solutions for funds collection and dispersion, including e-wallets, virtual bank accounts, and plugins for various e-commerce platforms.

Developer Experience with Amit and Nirit
The Rapyd Product team outlines crucial elements of the developer experience (DX). Learn about API tools, efficient error codes, and a robust sandbox environment. Understand what a code-first to a design-first approach is for APIs.

🀝 Mastering Payments and Fintech: Join us on Discord

Rapyd U Office Hours: Make Your First API Call
Watch the recap of last month’s Rapyd U Office Hours livestream. Learn how to make your first API call and get educated on the Rapyd platform.

Rapyd Developer Community Livestream
Join Rapyd team members and other developers in Discord on Thursday 9/28/23 at 11 AM PDT to learn about the Rapyd API and a short demo on how to generate a checkout page using Python. Come learn about how to integrate with Rapyd, and ask your questions to get help.


Rapyd Bytes: Make Your First API Call in Python
Learn how to send a List Countries request to Rapyd for a successful response.

Rapyd Releases: Beneficiary, Reconciliation Reports, FX for Issuing
Updates on Beneficiaries, recon reports, and FX transactions for card issuing.

Empowering Rapyd Payments with OpenAPI
Learn how to copy and begin using Rapyd’s OpenAPI for developers.

SWIFT Payout with Rapyd Disburse
Learn how to create a SWIFT Payout with Rapyd Disburse.

Rapyd Bytes: Create a Payment in Python
Learn how to create a payment with the Python CLI Github repo.

Rapyd Documentation Refresh
Learn about how you can leverage new Rapyd docs to build your fintech platform.


Rapyd Disburse has been updated to no longer support numerical values in the beneficiary first and last name, or company name. Payouts with beneficiary first name, last name or company name with numerical values will fail.

Rapyd Disburse has been updated to now mask identification data of the beneficiary, including Tax ID and passport number, with asterisks (*) in API responses, webhooks, and checkout pages.

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See you next month,
The Rapyd Developer Community Team

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