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๐Ÿ—ž Rapyd Developer Newsletter: October 2023

๐Ÿš€ Rapyd OpenAPI Spec: Tell Us What You Think
Weโ€™re inviting you to test Rapydโ€™s OpenAPI focused on the payments and fintech space. Your hands-on experience and feedback can help us refine our tool to better suit the needs of professionals like you in the industry.
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๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿ’ป Rapyd Lab: Wallet Use Case
Are you a knowledgeable developer with the desire to utilize different payment method types? Join us in the Rapyd Wallet Use Case Lab, where you can demonstrate your expertise by creating a Rapyd Wallet and writing a use case.
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๐ŸŽ™๏ธ Rapyd U Office Hours: Create a Checkout Page
Watch the recap of last monthโ€™s Rapyd U Office Hours livestream. Learn how to make your first API call and get educated on the Rapyd platform.
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How to Read a Payment Response
The value of digital payment transactions is projected to reach โ‚ฌ8.89 trillion EUR in 2023, highlighting the pivotal role played by payment APIs in integrating the global network of payments and facilitating the exchange of money in the digital economy. Understanding how to interpret an API payment response is essential, as it verifies the success of a transaction and ensures the accuracy of amounts debited or credited. Payment APIs share common fields of the what, where, how, and who of payments, but the specific required fields can vary based on the transaction's purpose, regulatory standards, and security requirements. Developers building and integrating APIs aim to create tailored experiences while deciding what API information to expose.

Payment responses provide a wealth of information, with the payment object serving as a central element, containing details like amount, currency, country, payment type, and customer ID. Key fields such as amount define the transaction's monetary value, while currency ensures accurate processing by using ISO 3-Letter Currency Codes like GBP, or EUR. Country signifies the transaction's origin, vital for compliance and international processing.

The nuances in payment responses extend beyond the basic fields, with variations required to accommodate diverse financial services, varying regional regulations, and security considerations. Each fintech endeavors to create customized experiences and solutions while ensuring compliance with these regulations. Developers also shape these variations based on API structure, design, and unique integration requirements. This shows how important it is to understand fundamental payment API fields, and concepts to meet specific use cases.
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Rapyd Bytes: Create a Checkout Page
Learn how to create a Rapyd Hosted Checkout Page in Python.
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Rapyd Releases: VA Currency, Malaysian POMT, Rapyd Verify
Updates on VA optional currencies, Malaysian payout methods, and Rapyd Verify.
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Partial Payments
Learn how to create a payment request and handle a partial payment.
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Cancel an Escrow
Learn what it looks like to create an escrow, and cancel it before it goes through.
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Github Highlight: NodeJS Integration with Rapyd
Quickly fork this repo and begin creating payment requests in the sandbox.
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You can now set an optional requested currency for a VA (Virtual Account) issued, and each incoming transaction to the VA will be converted to the set currency. The requested currency can be updated to a different currency or null (default currency). FX rates will apply as described in Payout with FX.

Global SWIFT has been updated to be able to send in NZ (New Zealand) and NZD (New Zealand Dollar).

Bank-level Payout Methods Types (POMTs) with Malaysia as payout the country, (e.g. my_cimb_bank and my_citibank_bank), have been updated with a new aggregated POMT format, my_local_bank. The new POMT has beneficiary required field bic_swift which uses SWIFT code as bank identifier. It is recommended to switch to the new POMT format as soon as possible, which provides a more streamlined payout experience.

Updated changes have been made to the Rapyd Verify process for an improved user experience. Learn more about Rapyd Verify Hosted Page.
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